Thanks to your report via our web form, we can identify possible trends in dangers on the internet and take targeted action against them.

For Law Enforcement AgenciesTry this

If you are a representative of a LEA, please make sure you are logged in. You can then report a case on behalf of a company/organisation.

For companies, institutions and NGOsTry this

If you represent a company, institution, or NGO and wish to report an incident, please click here. You have the option to report anonymously, with an added option to provide contact information, which will be kept confidential. Alternatively, you can choose to log in now or after filing the report to link the report to your account..

Report a a bug

Companies outside the software and technology industry, organizations, government agencies, or small and medium-sized businesses could benefit from bug reporting. There should be an incentive to report bugs here (like bounty programms from large software companies).
Long-term goal: Police and dry up the market for zero-day exploits. Advice for companies to keep their software up to date and replace it with other systems if necessary.