About CYBBAR Reporting Prototype

Conceptualisation of a cyber-incidents reporting tool

The Cybercrime Victimisation Barometer (CYBBAR) project will contribute to the development of the overall resilience of EU society towards contemporary cyber treats, specifically threats posed by cyber criminality in all ist forms.

CYBBAR will have two major outputs:

1) A pilot of a model for an EU-level standardised business survey on cybercrime victimisation. This will allow for the measurement of comparatively objective (experiences) and subjective (attitudes) indicators on the extent of cybercrime victimisation, via the analysis of victimisation experiences, attitudes, costs, and countermeasures which have been taken.

2) A pilot of a digital reporting tool. This will be designed on the basis of reporting mechanisms on cyber incidents in place in Bulgaria, Netherlands and Spain, with particular emphasis on the needs law enforcement agencies (LEA) identify with regard to the effective investigation of cyber incidents. This will also take account for the reasons for non-reporting by victims.

The purpose of this conceptual tool will be to serve as an alternative reporting mechanism that will enhance the level of reporting of cyber incidents among businesses while also supporting LEAs across the EU in developing an approach to more effective investigations of cybercrime. The concept will be presented to LEA representatives from the selected MS in order to validate its relevance and applicability in these MS and will be used as a basis for further development as well as EU-wide implementation of the reporting tool.

Among the expected outcomes are:

1) Improved understanding on the real extent of cybercrime;

2) Enhanced cooperation between LEA and private partners with regard to reporting and investigations.

In the short term, potential beneficiaries of CYBBAR’s outputs will be national LAE, relevant EU agencies (e.g. ENISA and Europol), businesses and citizens. In view of the expected outcomes, medium- and long-term beneficiaries will also include other relevant EU authorities in the field of Justice and Home affairs, national and EU policy makers and various stakeholders in all MS.

In the long term, CYBBAR’s expected impact is to contribute to the detection and investigation of cybercrime in the EU and building resilience through better informed policies and enhanced information sharing between relevant authorities.

For more information about this project please visit https://cybbar.eu/.