Podcast, Episode 2 – Cybercrime against businesses in the EU

In recent decades, digital technologies have become integral to the daily lives of EU citizens and businesses, driving socio-economic development. However, this increased reliance on digital innovation has also heightened the vulnerability of EU societies to cyber threats. Cybersecurity now plays a crucial role in safeguarding the prosperity and technological progress of a digitally interconnected Europe.

In today’s episode of the CYBBAR Podcast, we will focus on the role and impact of the Council of Europe in combating cybercrime, as well as recent developments and changes in the landscape of cybercrime and its regulation. Our host Dr. Tommaso Comunale, Security Analyst at the Center for the Study of Democracy will be discussing the state of cybercrime legislation globally and how the Council of Europe cooperates different world regions with  our guest, Dr. Jan Kralik, Program Manager at the Cybercrime Division of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Together, they will be sharing their insights on the key challenges in the current regulatory framework for cybercrime and how the Council of Europe is considering to address these challenges in the future.