EU Business and Cyber Victimisation: The State of Public-Private Cooperation

Cyber offences have escalated into a critical global threat affecting a broad spectrum of entities, including public organisations, NGOs, businesses, and individuals. The rising frequency of cyber-attacks and cybersecurity breaches presents significant challenges, particularly for businesses operating within the European Union.One of the major challenges faced by both public and private sectors is underreporting, which results in limited knowledge of the true extent of cybercrimes. Investigations on cybercrimes against small and medium-sized enterprises across EU Member States reveals that over 44% of these incidents remain unreported.

This policy brief offers insights into cybercrime trends within the EU, highlighting the primary obstacles to reporting, detection, and prevention. It identifies that enhanced public-private cooperation is essential to facilitate dialogue between entities, create an environment for knowledge sharing, and ensure a safer landscape for EU Member States and private sector stakeholders.


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