CYBBAR project launch

The Center for the Study of Democracy, Ecorys and Forentec launched the EU-funded project Cybercrime Victimisation Barometer (CYBBAR): Piloting a model for a comparative business survey on cybercrime victimization in the EU and conceptualizing a digital reporting tool . 

Underreporting is one of the major problems hindering the study and investigation of cybercrime affecting the private sector. CYBBAR aims at analysing and improving the investigation of cyber offences committed against businesses in EU Member States, while also enhancing cooperation between LEAs and businesses.

Building upon on the expertise of practitioners from the law enforcement and private sector, CYBBAR will produce a pilot of a model for a standardised business survey on cybercrime victimisation as well as a pilot of a digital reporting tool. The outputs will be piloted in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Spain, as these Member States cover different geographical locations and have different business landscapes and levels of digitalisation.

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