Bulgaria – Country Profile

The case study presents the strategic and policy context relevant
to cybercrimes targeting companies in Bulgaria as well as
the roles of main actors, available information on cybercrime
attacks and main factors for reporting or non-reporting cyber
incidents by companies.

The information was collected through desk research of relevant
strategic, policy and legislative documents and by conducting
interviews with representatives of government agencies,
law enforcement agencies, the academics, and business
associations that operate in the area of cybersecurity. The
interviews were conducted between 16 February and 9 March
2022 (please see details in Annex – Overview of interviewed
stakeholders). The National Center for Incident Response in
Information Security (CERT) Bulgaria provided written input
to the interview questionnaire. The main challenges when
collecting the information for Bulgaria were low interest in
the study, low response rate, and low pace when replying,
which resulted in delays in the interview process. The research
team has sent a substantial number of invitations for
interviews, but the response rate was very low.

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Infographic: Bulgaria Country Profile (Adobe PDF, 413 KB, in English)


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