CYBBAR had the privilege to take part in the 23rd Annual Conference of the European Society of criminology taking place between 6 and 9 September 2023 in Florence, Italy.

During the conference, Dr. Tommaso Comunale the results from a year long Business Cybercrime Victimization Survey conducted in three European countries: Bulgaria, the Netherlands, and Spain. The survey aims to shed light on the primary drivers behind reporting cybercrime to law enforcement authorities, while also offering a thorough analysis of cybercrime incidents targeting businesses. Each country’s survey involved a sample size of 400 companies.

The primary objective of this survey is to illuminate the key factors influencing the reporting of cybercrime incidents to law enforcement agencies (LEAs), as well as identifying factors associated with underreporting of cyber victimization among businesses. The survey results will be presented individually for each country, providing insights into the unique dynamics within these regions. Additionally, a comparative analysis of cybercrime incidents against businesses and reporting behavior will be conducted across the three countries.